Fred Rowe


I'm currently the architect of WebSphere Application Server enterprise connectivity (think JDBC, JCA, etc) and for WAS on the IBM i platform. I've enjoyed the last 15-ish years working on WAS traditional and Liberty. Prior to architecting for IBM, I worked for a cool start-up on wireless app dev when mobile connectivity was still in it's infancy. Prior to that, I rode the telecom bubble working on hardware, firmware and software during the phone network digitalization revolution. When I'm not typing, I'm mountain biking in one of the many mountains or canyons of New Mexico.

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Control traffic on server endpoints with Liberty MBeans (Part 2)

In, we have added a new endpoint control MBean that allows you to query and control the state of both HTTP and messaging endpoints....

Control traffic on server endpoints with Liberty MBeans (Part 1)

DevOps: Pause and resume HTTP traffic to WebSphere Liberty server endpoints using JMX and MBeans.

How to tell if your app server is sick (new in

Liberty provides performance metrics such as database connection pool size, servlet response time, JVM garbage collection time, etc. Understand how your Java application performs on...

JDBC connection validation and initialization in Liberty

Use connection validation to check that pooled connections are still valid before using them, and connection initialization to run SQL commands when connections are created.

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