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MicroProfile 1.2 and build tool improvements in WebSphere Liberty

Get MicroProfile 1.2 in full in the latest release of WebSphere Liberty ( Also contains Liberty build tool (Maven and Gradle) improvements.

How to create a RESTful web service with Open Liberty

Create a RESTful web service that runs on Liberty. WebSphere Liberty is built on the Open Liberty project, which provides full Java EE and MicroProfile...

New MicroProfile Metrics and Java EE 8 previews in Liberty Sept 2017 beta

Try out the new MicroProfile Metrics, get a preview of the new Java EE 8 features implemented in this WebSphere Liberty beta. Also find HTTP/2...

Open Liberty guides

The Open Liberty getting started guides.

Mad Scientists with the Liberty Car at Devoxx UK 2017

Mad Scientists is a bunch of IBMers showing off the fun projects they've created just for fun, as part of their day-jobs, or both. Mad...

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