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Enabling distributed tracing in microservices

Explore how to enable and customize tracing of JAX-RS and non-JAX-RS methods by using MicroProfile OpenTracing on Open Liberty.

Develop and deploy your Liberty application with Docker

Learn how to containerize a microservice with Docker for iterative development

Configuring microservices

Learn how to use MicroProfile Config to externalize configuration data for an application.

Secure microservices with JSON Web Tokens (JWT)

Learn how to control user and role access to microservices with MicroProfile JWT

Adding health reports to microservices

Explore how to report and check the health of a microservice with MicroProfile Health on Open Liberty.

Monitor fault tolerance in your microservices in Liberty July beta

Monitor fault tolerance in Java microservices. MicroProfile Metrics integrates with MicroProfile fault tolerance (circuit breaker, retry, fallback, etc).