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Rebuilding the Microservice Builder pipeline

Microservice Builder was released in June. Find out some how we made the Microservice Builder pipeline scale, and more flexible, with Kubernetes.

HTTP session management with WebSphere Liberty, eXtreme Scale, and Amazon Web Services

HTTP sessions are used to manage state. A common example is the contents of a shopping cart. A user might make multiple visits to a...

Using continuous integration to run WebSphere Liberty applications in Amazon AWS Elastic Beanstalk

This article demonstrates continuous integration between a GitHub project, and a Java web application running on WebSphere Liberty in a Docker container in Amazon's AWS...

Getting started with WebSphere Liberty in Amazon Web Services

This article demonstrates the use of IBM WebSphere Application Server in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) family....

sample.osgi.blueprint-cm sample on GitHub

This article accompanies the sample.osgi.blueprint-cm sample on the WASdev GitHub. The sample demonstrates the use of Configuration Admin and custom Blueprint namespace handlers...

New in OSGi Applications: Custom Blueprint Namespace Handlers, and bring-your-own ConfigAdmin

Improvements to Liberty profile's OSGi Applications programming model in the September beta.

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