Alasdair Nottingham

Hi I'm Alasdair Nottingham, you might remember me from such videos such as "Interview with IBM's Alasdair Nottingham on the WebSphere Liberty Profile", and "OSGi Explained". I'm the Liberty runtime architect, which means that I write less code than I would like. My role in the team is to ensure we stick to our principles, and to ensure we build the best application server for developers, oh and it also needs to rock in production too.

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What is MicroProfile?

Alasdair explains what MicroProfile is and what's been happening lately.

MicroProfile an open collaboration for Enterprise Java based Microservices

Alasdair is on main stage at DevNation to launch a new open standard for micro-services using Enterprise Java called MicroProfile.

Get started with a Hello World app on Liberty using IntelliJ IDEA

When we first released the Liberty we also released some great tools for developing applications with Eclipse, but what if you aren't using Eclipse? What...

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Enterprise Node.js and Java EE in WAS

What the StrongLoop acquisition means for Java EE developers working on WAS classic and WAS Liberty.

Inside WASLiberty: Install

The next release of Liberty profile includes Java EE 7, this Inside WASLiberty post discusses how this affects the install experience and the reasons behind...