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Game On! Explore microservices with a text-based adventure

Microservices: the buzz is everywhere. Given the breadth of technologies related to the term, it can be difficult to get a full picture of what...

Microservices and WAS Liberty

Home to Microservices and WAS Liberty resources, which provide background information, getting started guidance, best practices, and methodologies.

Secure Microservices: API Keys, Access Tokens, and Signed JWTs

Some samples demonstrating how to secure your microservices using API keys, access tokens, and JSON Web Tokens (JWTs).

Logstash and Liberty – optimizing data collection for the cloud

Logstash is a core part of the ELK stack that can be used to pull and tag content in WAS Liberty logs.

Don’t Wait! Build responsive applications with Java EE 7 instead

An overview of what Java EE 7 brings in support of responsive applications.

Building portable, 12-factor microservices with WAS Liberty and IBM Cloud

Building Java EE 7 microservices using the 12-factor app approach and deploying them on WAS Liberty and IBM Cloud.

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