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MicroProfile 1.1 announced!

Two MicroProfile announcements: We've released the content for MicroProfile 1.1 (inc the new Config API) and we have a new MicroProfile logo.

Passing the CTS tests on WAS Liberty

Kevin Sutter, Liberty Java EE Architect , explains how the architecture and features of WAS Liberty enabled a very rapid turnaround of the CTS tests...

Running the open source Java EE 7 samples on Liberty

How to run the open source Java EE 7 samples on WAS Liberty.

EclipseLink JPA provider for Liberty profile

Java Persistence API (JPA) providers map Java objects to data in a relational database to enable applications to write, retrieve, and manipulate data in the...

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The Apache OpenJPA project is an open-source implementation of the Java Persistence API, focused on…

Migrating legacy Hibernate applications to OpenJPA and EJB 3.0

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