Documentation: DevOps

Liberty Collectives: Routing MBean Operations

Learn how to route any MBeanServerConnection operation and also file transfer to/from any member of a Liberty Collective by using only the collective controller!

Lab: Build and Administer Your Own Liberty Application Cluster

Get hands-on experience using the new Liberty collective and cluster capabilities by following this lab!

Video: Introduction to creating a collective

Michael Thompson demonstrates how easy it is to set up a Liberty collective from scratch in 8 simple steps.

Video: Comparing collectives and cells

Michael Thompson gives a brief comparison of the new Liberty profile collectives and full profile cells

A guide to the sample admin scripts

A brief guide to the collection of sample admin scripts which demonstrate the administrative capabilities of collectives and clusters.

Examining administrative high availability

The collective controller, the administrative servers for Liberty, is built on active-active replication technology. This provides the capability for a highly available and dynamically scalable...

Introducing Liberty Clusters

With the introduction of the Liberty collective, we are also pleased to announce Liberty clusters. New in WebSphere Application Server 8.5.5, Liberty clusters provide...

Principles of the Liberty Collective

Application server environments are changing. Organizations have more servers than ever before. Use of virtualization, dynamic provisioning, and elastic scaling are critical to large-scale deployments....

Introducing Liberty Collectives

We are pleased to announce Liberty Collectives, introduced with WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5. The Liberty Collective is the new multi-server administrative domain designed exclusively for...


Impressed with the small size of your Liberty install but wanting to make it even smaller? Looking at your Liberty install and wishing you could...