Documentation: Liberty with open source

Lab: Deploy an application to WebSphere Liberty in Docker

Learn how to quickly deploy an application to Liberty in using Docker, Docker Compose, and Bluemix.

NGINX and WebSphere Application Server

A description of the basic configuration of open source web server and reverse proxy NGINX and NGINX Plus. Includes specific topics on usage with WebSphere...

Getting started with Liberty and Arquillian

Arquillian is a highly extensible testing platform for the JVM that enables developers to easily create automated integration, function, and acceptance tests for Java middleware....

Running Apache Solr on WebSphere Liberty

Apache Solr is an open source search engine suitable for enterprise use and built on Apache Lucene. This quick tutorial shows how to install and...

Introducing the Puppet module for WebSphere Liberty

Puppet, from PuppetLabs, is a popular open source configuration management utility used for infrastructure configuration and IT automation. It provides a wealth of capabilities for...

Writing applications for Liberty and MongoDB on Bluemix

Getting started with Liberty and MongoDB on Bluemix.

Developing Vaadin applications with Liberty and WDT

Vaadin is an open source Java framework for building modern web applications. In this post, I'm going to walk through getting a sample...

Deploying to Bluemix with Liberty Maven Plug-in

This article describes deploying Maven-based applications directly from source to Bluemix using the Heroku buildpack for Java applications and the Liberty Maven plug-in.

Installing Liberty with the Liberty Maven plug-in

The Liberty Maven plug-in provides a set of goals for managing and operating Liberty profile servers. It can also download and install the Liberty...

DevOps with Liberty, Maven, and Chef (Part 4)

In Part 4 of this series you'll create a cookbook to deploy AcmeAir, and use this to automatically deploy after a successful Jenkins build. This...

DevOps with Liberty, Maven, and Chef (Part 3)

Third of a four-part series on creating a continuous deployment pipeline using Liberty and open source software: Setting up a continuous integration server.

DevOps with Liberty, Maven, and Chef (Part 2)

Part 2 of this series covers building and testing AcmeAir using Maven and the Liberty Maven plug-in.

DevOps with Liberty, Maven, and Chef (Part 1)

In this series you’ll learn how to set up a continuous deployment pipeline for AcmeAir, a web application for a fictitious airline. The pipeline will...

Running Liberty profile in a Docker container

Docker enables you to develop an application in a Linux environment and take it anywhere with you in a Docker container. You can easily create...

Deploying applications to Liberty profile in a Jenkins build (on

New WebSphere Deployer Plugin for Jenkins allows easy deployment of applications on Liberty profile servers as a post-build action within a Jenkins build.