IBM WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools for Eclipse (or simply “WDT” to those who use it) is a lightweight set of tools for developing applications for WebSphere Application Server. Here are just a few of the things we love about WDT.

We’ve got you covered
Provides a core set of tools for developing Java™ EE (including JPA and EJB), OSGi, and Web 2.0 applications. This includes form-based XML editors for configuration and deployment descriptors, advanced refactoring, annotation support, validation, and quick fixes. Developers will feel right at home.

Web and mobile made easy
The tools include full-featured source level development aids like code assist, validation, and formatting for JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and JSP. An intuitive browser-based editor provides true-to-life visualization even when your application uses the latest client side widget libraries. You can also quickly visualize and test your mobile web application while you code with the browser-based mobile device simulator.

A liberating experience

WDT has a full set of tools to make developing applications for the WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile even easier. To get the most out of the Liberty profile, WDT includes streamlined tools and a powerful server configuration editor. As you deploy applications to the server, the tools also dynamically add features that are required by the application to the server configuration.
The Liberty profile can be downloaded and installed directly from within WDT. This makes it easy to set up your entire development environment without ever leaving the tools.

Works where you do

Just like the Liberty runtime, the tools are designed to run on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, and on any Java 6 or higher JVM. Easy to install from the Eclipse Marketplace. Always available, when and where you need it.

9 comments on"Learn About WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools for Eclipse V8.5"

  1. Is it possible to WDT together with WAS 8.5 ND and cluster environment?

    • Michael C Thompson July 02, 2015

      Hi Adda,

      I am not sure what you are asking. WDT provides content assist for configuration, server creation, application deployment, etc. You can configure clustered servers and run clustered servers from WDT. You can, for example, create a fully clustered environment in WDT for development or testing.


  2. Where can I find the full documentation for WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools for Eclipse V8.5

  3. Where do I find release notes for WDT? I’m interested in bugs that where fixed between two versions.

  4. When adding WebSphere 8.5 runtime it doesn’t seem to allow picking of a particular profile. I have 2 profiles, each set up for a different application, but do not see how to pick the profile required for a particular Eclipse workspace. Is this possible?

  5. Dyutiman Chaudhuri June 07, 2013

    Is there any way to print a full exception stack trace in the Eclipse console itself !!

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