IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.5.Next Beta Liberty Profile is a simplified, lightweight application serving environment. Here are a few of the key things we love about it.

Simple to configure

All configuration in the Liberty profile is done through human-editable XML files and uses configuration by exception, meaning that if a configuration is not included its default value is automatically used. This allows you to add only the bare essentials to get a Liberty profile server up and running.

You can choose to use a single XML file for your configuration, or expand it using other XML files. This allows common configurations to be shared across multiple servers. And, as they are XML files, they are also ideal for storage in a source-control system.

Dynamic and flexible

The Liberty profile is built on OSGi technology, allowing dynamic changes in configuration. For example, add a new HTTP Endpoint to a Liberty profile server and the endpoint will be dynamically started as soon as the configuration file is saved.

The Liberty profile is composed of a number of features, each enabling a different capability. These features are also dynamic, and you can add or remove them without taking the server down. Any resources relying on those features will be removed as well, keeping the server footprint to a minimum.

Changes to applications are also dynamic, allowing developers to debug applications and make changes without having to wait for a server restart.


The Liberty profile server was designed to be fast. Fast to install, fast to start and fast to configure. The Liberty profile can be downloaded from directly, in a self-extracting archive install. Out of the box the Liberty profile can start up in under 5 seconds with a simple web application. As you only need to load the features you use, you can be sure the server will stay quick and not hog resources.

Developer first

The Liberty profile is designed by developers, for developers. We even let developers write articles about the Liberty profile on WASdev (like this one, for example).

When we are developing the Liberty profile, we think about how we would like to use it, what would make that easier, and how we can keep things fast and simple. Putting the developer first means we ensure the server can be up and running quickly. It means the developer can make changes without having to restart their server. And it means that when the developer does restart the server, its back up and ready as quickly as possible.

So, what’s new in the Beta?

The Beta has continued to build on the Java EE 6 capabilities of the alpha; on top of enhancements to Enterprise Java Beans (EJB Lite), Contexts and
Dependency Injection (CDI), and Web Services (JAX-WS), we have added Java Messaging Service (JMS) and MongoDB.

We’ve made enhancements to extending the Liberty profile, making writing your own feature even easier and, dare we say it, fun (that’s right, we dared). This is just a selection of the brilliance of WebSphere Application Server V8.5.Next Beta, to see more take a look at our New and Noteworthy pages!

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