What’s new in Liberty profile and WebSphere Developer Tools in WebSphere Application Server Beta.

Want to know what’s in the March 2014 WAS Beta? Well….

New stories in this WAS Beta

Id Functional Area Summary
120502 Liberty Profile Runtime Add support for classloaderRef to the class loading service
115451 Web Comps (servlet, HTTPSession, JSP, JSF, CDI) OnError Handling.
115454 Web Comps (servlet, HTTPSession, JSP, JSF, CDI) Support WebSocket Application Deployment usecases
115465 Web Comps (servlet, HTTPSession, JSP, JSF, CDI) WebSocket Session lifecyle management and availability
122301 Web Comps (servlet, HTTPSession, JSP, JSF, CDI) Improve RESTHandler sub-root capability
66880 JCA Make resource adapter interfaces available to application
125312 Dev Tools: Other WDT Preferences framework improvements
116846 Dev Tools: Java EE Common IBM Model support for Java EE 7

Bugs fixed in this WAS Beta

Id Functional Area Summary
125299 Liberty Profile Runtime Incorrect productEdition value for Liberty BASE TRIAL Archive package.
127075 Liberty Profile Runtime XOpen fix defect 123482
127283 Liberty Profile Runtime Extras sha is not correctly created for dynamic bundles
127812 Liberty Profile Runtime Properly update gateway bundles when needed
123328 Security Mismatch in signatureAlgorithm mis-behaving
124956 Security POST is not passing parameters through
126329 Security XOpen: junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: FeatureManager did not report update was complete | Test Failure: com.ibm.ws.webcontainer.security.feature.fat.DynamicSecurityLdapFeatureTest.appSecurity1OnStartThenEnbableAppSecurity2: FeatureManager did not report update was complete
125152 Web Comps (servlet, HTTPSession, JSP, JSF, CDI) lWAS:SVT:The configurator is not available from @ServerEndpoint when using Web Sockets
123788 VMM FP8552SVT: CWWKS1100A: Authentication did not succeed during stress test
125744 JCA CTS: connectortck fails due to a hang executing connector servlets
126525 Dev Tools: Server Loose config not handling linked resources using variables properly
128167 Dev Tools: Web Services and XML Selecting REST Template does not set Liberty library provider and servlet class

Plus another ~55 minor bugs too.

Documentation news

No longer a huge PDF file to hunt through, the Beta documentation is now in IBM Knowledge Center. When you click the links on the Download pages, you’ll go straight to the Liberty profile or WebSphere Developer Tools documentation in IBM Knowledge Center.

And what is IBM Knowledge Center? It’s the new home for IBM product documentation. It brings IBM’s technical publications together in a single location, and replaces over 800 individual product Information Centers. Among other features, there’s improved search and filtering, you can save collections of pages that are most useful to you, and you can generate your own PDFs of the information you want.

IBM Knowledge Center

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