Joe Chacko describes the Liberty Profile lightweight runtime and tooling beta release, describing the functional changes, the additional platform support, and the integration with the job manager in WebSphere Application Server ND.


In October, we gave you WebSphere Application Server version 8.5 Liberty Profile alpha.¬† In November, we refreshed that alpha.¬† In December, we brought you a full product beta, including the Liberty Profile lightweight runtime and tooling.¬† My name’s Joe Chacko and I’m a developer working on the Liberty Profile.¬† I’m going to talk about getting the tooling, packaging up servers, shared library support, JDBC, LDAP, z/OS, and integration with the job manager.

In the past, I have suggested using the Eclipse Marketplace to get our tooling.¬† This still works, but as a colleague pointed out to me, the drag’n’drop install is even more straightforward.¬† Go to the download tab on and drag the install icon onto your running Eclipse instance.¬† It’s almost too easy.

With the beta release, the standard install of our tooling also includes the OSGi development tools, which you previously had to retrieve separately before you could work with OSGi apps.  As before, the tooling lets you download our runtime when you create a server.

New in our tooling, you can now package up an application server into a single file for archival, deployment to another machine, or sharing with a colleague.

If you’ve used a previous release, you’ll have seen how easy it is to add an application to a server configuration – just drag and drop the web app project onto the server.¬† In the beta, you can do this for required Java projects too. Fill in the shared library details for the Java project and for any web app projects that use it – then just drag the Java project onto the server and the tooling will configure the library in the server appropriately.¬† You can use this shared library support to add third party jars to your applications, too.

We’ve added some more flexibility to our JDBC support.¬† You can now configure connection pools to tune your JDBC behaviour.¬† You can also define vendor properties in one place to be used by multiple data sources.

In previous releases the server supported a file-based user registry – our beta now includes LDAP authentication.

Probably the biggest single addition is the support for z/OS. The server runtime can be managed from an operator console as well the shell, and the server will work with SAF, allowing RACF-based authentication and authorization.

Lastly a bit of news relating to the job manager that ships with WebSphere Application Server ND (and has done since version 7).¬† The job manager now supports the entire lifecycle of the Liberty Profile server too. And that’s without the need for a deployment manager or any agents on the target machines.¬† Now there’s some integration for you to go and play with.

I hope this has been interesting and perhaps even helpful.¬† Remember to look up our infocenters for details of anything I’ve mentioned.¬† It only remains for me to wish you a very Happy New Year and lots of fun and productivity using the beta.¬† Keep in touch!

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