With these software updates you now have the ability to install user features from ESAs using the Feature Manager, use JMS Messaging with Liberty, and more…

What’s new and notable?

SPI and Feature Management

Install features via the Feature Manager

You can now install user features from ESAs using the Feature Manager. Features can be installed from the local file system, or from the Liberty Repository by providing a url for the ESA.

        featureManager install [options] <esa location>

            Specify where to install the feature. The feature can be installed to any
            configured product extension location, or as a user feature. If this option
            is not specified the feature will be installed as a user feature.

Distributed web cache

The local only webCache in Liberty can be converted into a distributed cache using WebSphere eXtreme Scale. The SPI used to enable this is also available for other cache providers.

Liberty SPI in Maven repository

Fancy building user features using Maven? The Liberty SPI is now available in a Maven repository.

Repository support

Create your own product extensions, samples, packaged servers, and the like.

  • Install extended content to a runtime from the remote repository from either wasdev.net or a local location on your file system:
  • Post-installation support for extended content. In the Runtime Explorer view, you can right-click an existing runtime and use the context menu to install additional content. If you’ve already downloaded the content from wasdev.net, just drag that content and drop it to the runtime in the Runtime Explorer view.

Superseded feature detection

Liberty will detect superseded features that you’ve used…

… and provide a quick fix to automatically replace them in the Server Configuration editor.


Management of collective members

The ServerCommands MBean provides an interface to be able to start, stop and query the status of any server within the collective. Its ObjectName is:


It provides operations to start and stop a server and to query the status of a server.

startServer(String hostName, String wlpUserDir, 
            String serverName, String options)

stopServer(String hostName, String wlpUserDir, 
           String serverName, String options)

getServerStatus(String hostName, String wlpUserDir, 
                String serverName)

Management of clusters

The ClusterManager MBean provides an interface for clusters defined within a Liberty collective. Its ObjectName is:


Operations are provided for query and control:

listMembers(String clusterName)
getStatus(String clusterName)
getClusterName(String hostName, String wlpUserDir, String serverName)
startCluster(String clusterName, String options)
stopCluster(String clusterName, String options)
generateClusterPluginConfig(String clusterName)

Multiple endpoint support for the JMX REST connector

The JMX REST connector now supports randomized load balancing across multiple endpoints. The set of endpoints to load balance against are specified using the JMX environment property com.ibm.websphere.jmx.connector.rest.ConnectorSettings.WLM_ENDPOINTS. This new property introduces the following behaviours:

  • Random load balancing between the endpoints. The initial endpoint to try is chosen at random until an accessable endpoint can be reached from the set of endpoints. If not endpoint is reachable, the connection attempt is considered to have failed.
  • Failover support for every method call in MBeanServerConnection and also from the background polling thread. When a dropped connection to the current endpoint is detected, an attempt is made to re-establish the connection to one of the endpoints in the list, and also take care of re-registering any previously registered notification listeners.

Logging and Diagnostics

Database Recovery Logs

Full profile servers can now store the transactions recovery logs in a database in addition to the traditional file structure.

Health Center Integration for Profiling

When you’re profiling an application using Rational Application Developer, you also get Health Center data:


JMS Messaging in Liberty

Use asynchronous JMS messaging with the Liberty profile from these JMS messaging providers:

  • Liberty embedded messaging engine
  • Service integration bus
  • WebSphere MQ

Dynamic configuration for MDBs

Changes to ActivationSpecs and Destinations automatically update their associated MDBs.


Destination-specific roles

Create destination-specific roles and permissions for authorization; for example messaging security:

<messagingEngine id="engineId">
<queue id="Q1"/>
<queue id="Q2"/>
<topicSpace id="SPORTS"/>

<role name="developer">
<queuePermission destinationRef="Q1">

<queuePermission destinationRef="Q1">

<tempDestinationPermission prefix="temp_">

<topicPermission topicName="Cricket/India" topicSpace="My.Topic.Space"/>
<user name="user1" />

Web and Mobile Tools

Mobile UI Pattern gallery

Quickly and easily create user interfaces for mobile web applications using the Mobile UI Pattern gallery.

Launch the gallery from the New button in the Mobile Navigation view to see a wide selection of common UI design patterns to choose from. Patterns are available in both Dojo and jQuery, and you can choose from a variety of options to customize how your UI will be generated.

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