Got a Java EE app ready to push to the cloud? Here’s how to push it to IBM Bluemix (sign up for a free trial registration) using the IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix.

  1. If you have your own app WAR file handy, press on. Otherwise, download the sample servlet app from GitHub.
  2. Install IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix, then start Eclipse and go to the workbench.
  3. Create a connection to a space in your Bluemix account. This is where you will push your app to:
    1. In the Servers view, right-click then click New > Server, then select IBM Bluemix and click Next.
    2. Enter your Bluemix account details in the Email and Password fields, then click Validate Account to test your login details. Click Next.
    3. Accept the default values and click Finish to complete the connection to Bluemix, which is displayed in the Servers view.
  4. Import your application WAR file into your Eclipse workspace (File > Import > WAR file). When you finish the wizard, the WAR file is displayed in the Enterprise Explorer.
  5. If your app contains a period (.) in its name, rename the project to remove it (e.g. change sample.servlet to sampleservlet).
  6. To push the app to Bluemix, right-click the app, then click Run As > Run On Server. In the Run On Server wizard, select the IBM Bluemix server that you created earlier, then click Finish. If prompted again, click Finish.

Your application is built into a Liberty server and pushed to Bluemix. If you are running the sample app, when the application has started running, a web page opens displaying the web page hosted by the app on Bluemix:

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