Application Security 1.0

This feature is superseded by appSecurity-2.0. Support for securing the server runtime environment and applications. This feature enables servlet-3.0 and web application security, support for LDAP and basic user registries, and SSL. To support secure EJB applications, you must add the ejbLite-3.1 feature. When you add this feature to your server, you need to configure a user registry, such as the basic user registry or the LDAP user registry.

Command Line Install

To install the feature from the command line, type:
bin/installUtility install appSecurity-1.0
If you are installing into or earlier and the feature supports that version, use the featureManager command, for example:
bin/featureManager install appSecurity-1.0 --when-file-exists=ignore

Config Instructions

To use the feature at runtime add the following to your server.xml file

Additional Information