IBM Cloud APM Data Collector 7.4

This extension pack contains a data collector, which can be deployed for monitoring your Java applications running on IBM Cloud private.

Note: This extension pack is a technical preview only for monitoring Java applications running on IBM Cloud private through Microservice Builder integration. If you are a user of IBM Cloud APM (SaaS), do NOT apply this extension pack and use IBM Cloud APM Data Collector 7.3 instead. If you have an existing Cloud APM on-premises installation, do NOT use this extension pack either and follow the instructions in the Cloud APM Knowledge Center to download and configure the Liberty data collector.


  • You must have a Cloud APM server counterpart deployed to IBM Cloud private so that the data collector can connect to this server and send data. Otherwise, the data collector will be disabled.
  • The monitor-1.0 feature is required by the data collector. If your Liberty system has access to the Liberty feature repository, the extension pack can automatically download and install this feature.


  1. Go to the root of your Liberty installation directory. For example, /opt/ibm/wlp.

  2. Create a file named under the wlp/etc/extensions directory with the following content in this file:

  1. From the wlp/bin directory, install this extension pack with the following command:

./installUtility install apmDataCollector-7.4 --to=apmdc


Use the script in the < liberty_home>/../apmdc/liberty_dc/bin directory to configure the data collector by responding to prompts.

Additional information

For information about how to download the Liberty features with installUtility, see Downloading assets using the installUtility command in the WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment Knowledge Center.