JSF2.2 Portlet Bridge (Beta)

IBM JSF 2.2 Portlet Bridge Beta. This feature provides an interface between a Portlet container and JSF container to render a portlet on a stand-alone IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile or on an IBM WebSphere portal page through WSRP. Currently this feature is a Beta Version.

Command Line Installation

To install the feature from the command line type:

    bin/installUtility install jsfPortletBridge-1.0

Config Instructions

To use the feature at run-time, add the following to your server.xml:


Further Instructions

The JSF Portlet bridge now depends on portletContainer-2.1 and portletServing-2.1 features. In case your earlier server.xml has features portletContainer-2.0 and portletServing-2.0 alongwith jsfPortletBridge-1.0 then please update those features to portletContainer-2.1 and portletServing-2.1 respectively. This is true only for the Liberty profile version onwards. However if you just specify jsfPortletBridge-1.0 as the feature then you don't need to specify portletContainer-2.1 and portletServing-2.1 features explicitly. The JSF Portlet bridge feature automatically pulls the other two features.

Configuring Portlet Bridge for JavaServer Faces

Use this task to configure IBM Portlet Bridge for JavaServer Faces (JSF) 2.2/2.0.

  • Open the portlet.xml file and modify the portlet class for JSF 2.2 portlet bridge, as follows:
  • Open the faces-config.xml file and add the JSF 2.2 portlet bridge variable resolver, view handler, and resource handler entry

Known limitations

  • CDI conversation scope doesn't work in non-ajax mode.