Liberty Asset Repository Service

The Liberty Asset Repository Service (LARS) is a repository implementation for hosting Liberty features, that you can deploy locally. You can host features you have developed and features downloaded from the Websphere Liberty Repository using installUtility. Features hosted in LARS can be installed into a Liberty runtime using the runtime's installUtility command.

LARS is itself a Web application using JAX-RS 1.1 and MongoDB, which can be deployed on a Liberty server, connected to a MongoDB database

LARS is an open source project, you can find the source code on github

Installing LARS

To install the LARS application into a Liberty server, download the jar file and run java -jar larsServerPackage.jar. Any missing features in your Liberty server will need to be installed using installUtility (or featureManager for and earlier). For further configuration/setup steps, please see the documentation on github.

Additional Information

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