Migration Toolkit for Application Binaries

This command-line tool enables administrators and developers to evaluate, inventory and analyze applications in minutes without accessing the source code. The tool can generate the following reports.

Application Migration Report

Consolidates the content of all the available reports into one report, including sections for technology evaluation, detailed migration analysis, inventory, and Liberty feature list. Here is a sample invocation and report.

Application Evaluation Report

Identifies the Java™ EE programming models in the application and provides a recommendation for the right-fit IBM WebSphere Application Server edition. Here is a sample invocation and report.

Application Inventory Report

Contains a high-level inventory of the content and structure of each application which can be useful in determining the complexity of applications. It also displays information about potential deployment problems and performance considerations. Here is a sample invocation and report.

Detailed Migration Analysis Report

Highlights Java EE programming model and WebSphere API differences between the profile types. This report contains advice and potential solutions to assess the ease of moving applications from WebSphere traditional, Liberty, JBoss, WebLogic or Apache Tomcat application server to Liberty or to newer versions of WebSphere traditional. It also informs you of any Java EE specification implementation differences that could affect your applications. Here is a sample invocation and report.

The tool can either display an HTML report, or save the report as an HTML or JSON file.

Liberty Feature List Configuration

Generates an xml file that includes all of the application required features needed in a Liberty server based on scanning each application binary. Use this file to configure your Liberty server by copying the content to the Liberty server.xml file, or use the include element to include it in the server configuration. Here is a sample invocation and output.


  1. Download the Migration Toolkit for Application Binaries by clicking Download.
  2. Run the following command and follow the prompts to install the tool:

    java -jar binaryAppScannerInstaller.jar

    After accepting the license agreement, and specifying the target directory for the installation, the tool is installed in the <target directory>/wamt directory.
  3. Note: A Java 7, 8, or 11 JRE/JDK is required to run this tool.

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