Remote Administration

This configuration enables remote access through the JMX REST connector, and protected by a single administrator role using SSL. The secured JMX and REST connection is enabled by the Liberty profile feature restConnector-1.0. The user name, user password, keystore password, HTTP endpoint attributes, remote file access elements (writeDir and readDir) need to be further configured by the user.

<server description="Remote Administration Sample Configuration">

    <!-- NOTE: This file is for reference only. -->

    <!-- Enable restConnector-1.0 feature -->

    <!-- Simple administrative security configuration. -->
    <!-- TODO: Set the security configuration for Administrative access -->
    <quickStartSecurity userName="${adminUser}" userPassword="${adminPassword}"/>
    <!-- TODO: Set the SSL keystore password -->
    <keyStore id="defaultKeyStore" password="${keystorePassword}"/>

    <!-- TODO: Set HTTP Endpoint attributes -->
    <httpEndpoint id="defaultHttpEndpoint"

     <!-- TODO: Use readDir and writeDir to specify directories that remote
          clients are allowed to have read and write access. There can be
          multiple readDir and writeDir elements. Replace writePath and readPath
          variables with your choice of locations or remove them if not needed. -->