WAS Liberty Beta

This beta runtime package includes all you need to get up and running with a WAS Liberty server. To keep the download small only the Java EE 8 Web Profile APIs, the Ecipse MicroProfile APIs, and the latest beta features are included. The beta download requires Java 8.

If additional features are desired, such as monitoring, LDAP Registry, Web Services, JMS, or MongoDB support, these can be added through bin/installUtility.

The beta download is not supported for production.


There are two ways to download and install the WAS Liberty runtime:

  1. From within your Eclipse IDE.
  2. As a standalone ZIP file that you unzip.

Installing from within Eclipse

Complete the following steps to install WAS Liberty using Eclipse:

  1. If you don’t already have Eclipse, install Eclipse Oxygen for Java EE Developers.
  2. Drag the following Install button Drag to your running Eclipse workspace.onto the Eclipse toolbar then follow the prompts. This installs the WebSphere Developer Tools Beta into your Eclipse installation.
  3. In the Servers view of Eclipse, right-click to define a new WAS Liberty server. This opens a wizard to guide you through the process. The wizard includes the option to download and install the runtime as a part of defining a new server.

Installing from the ZIP file

Complete the following steps to install the WAS Liberty from the ZIP file:

  1. Download WAS Liberty Beta by clicking Download.
  2. Unzip to your preferred directory.

Installing additional features

The installUtility (located in the wlp/bin folder) can be used to install additional features from the Liberty Repository such as adminCenter-1.0, servlet-3.0, collectiveController-1.0, or a feature bundle such as ndControllerBundle (includes adminCenter-1.0 and collectiveController-1.0), e.g.
bin/installUtility install adminCenter-1.0

You can also install all features required by a configured server using:

bin/installUtility install serverName

Additional information