WAS Liberty with Java EE 8 Web Profile and IBM Java SDK 8

This basic runtime package includes all you need to get up and running with a WebSphere Liberty server. To keep the footprint small only the Java EE 8 Web Profile technologies are included as well as some production features such as monitoring and LDAP Registry. To simplify getting started, this package also includes a copy of IBM Java.

If you need Web Services, or JMS, these can be installed through bin/installUtility.


Installing from the ZIP file

Complete the following steps to install WebSphere Liberty from the ZIP file:

  1. Download WebSphere Liberty V20.0.0.11 with Java EE 8 Web Profile and IBM Java SDK 8 by selecting the desired download option below.
  2. Unzip.

If you wish to download web profile with a Java Runtime packaged in then please choose which Platform you are using below.

Installing additional features

The installUtility (located in the wlp/bin folder) can be used to install additional features from the Liberty Repository such as adminCenter-1.0, servlet-3.0, collectiveController-1.0, or a feature bundle such as ndControllerBundle (includes adminCenter-1.0 and collectiveController-1.0), e.g.
bin/installUtility install adminCenter-1.0

You can also install all features required by a configured server using:

bin/installUtility install serverName

Upgrading to a supported installation

Installing WebSphere Liberty from this ZIP file enables no-charge, unsupported, unlimited use of WebSphere Liberty in development environments and limited use in small-scale test and production environments. For access to IBM support and unlimited test and production use, you can purchase and upgrade to a supported edition for your existing installation. See Upgrading Liberty profile installations

Additional information