WebSphere Configuration Migration Tool for IBM Cloud

This tool migrates your on-premise WebSphere cell to the IBM Cloud. It requires an IBM Cloud account with access to the WebSphere Application Server (WASaaS) service. When starting the tool, you are given a high-level overview of the entire on-premises to IBM Cloud migration process, which consists of two main phases:

  1. Creating and assigning a WASaaS service instance to handle the uploaded configuration data from the selected on-premises WebSphere Cell.
  2. Provisioning the IBM Cloud virtual machines, which includes the migration of the uploaded configuration data assigned to the service instance.

Phase 1 of the process is handled by this easy to use wizard which guides you through the 5 steps. The last step of phase 1 provides a link to the WASaaS provisioning page for the assigned service instance. Using this link, you will kick off phase 2 which provisions a host machine for each node in the cell. Provisioning also includes migrating of the node’s configuration data.

WebSphere v9 is the only target release when you migrate to the IBM Cloud. The tool allows you to migrate from WebSphere release v7, v8, v855 or even WebSphere v9. It utilizes the “cloning” migration process that was delivered as part of WebSphere v9. “Cloning” allows your on-premises WebSphere cell to continue running both during and after the cell has been migrated to the IBM Cloud. The old and new cells are independent and can run concurrently.

Avoid the hassles of hardware and software management by cloning your WebSphere cell to the IBM Cloud. Use it to preview how your applications perform under WebSphere v9. Or to see how to tune your configuration for v9. Use it to practice and work out your future on-premises migration process. Provide a clone for a development team to test out their applications under v9. Clone once, clone many, use it for a short time, or for as long as you need. This tool makes it easier to achieve your WebSphere v9 goals.


  1. Download the WebSphere Configuration Migration Tool for IBM Cloud by clicking Download.
  2. Extract the file into a new directory.
  3. Be sure the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set and on your path.
    Example on Windows: set JAVA_HOME=c:\java7
    set PATH=%JAVA_HOME%\bin;%PATH%
    Example on Mac/Linux: export JAVA_HOME=/java7
    export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH
  4. To start the wizard run this command from the directory containing CloudMigration.jar: java -jar CloudMigration.jar

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