z/OS Connect 1.2

This feature provides a gateway between mobile, cloud, and web clients and z/OS back-end systems such as CICS Transaction Server, IMS, and batch applications. It provides RESTful APIs and enables you to route HTTP requests to remote REST endpoints. It also accepts and returns JSON payloads and communicates with back-end systems by providing a data transformation service that converts JSON payloads to/from byte arrays consumable by z/OS native-language applications written in Cobol, PL/I, and C.

Command Line Install

To install the feature from the command line, type:
bin/installUtility install zosConnect-1.2
If you are installing into or earlier and the feature supports that version, use the featureManager command, for example:
bin/featureManager install zosConnect-1.2 --when-file-exists=ignore

Config Instructions

To use the feature at runtime add the following to your server.xml file

Additional Information