z/OS Connect

This feature provides a gateway between mobile, cloud, and web clients and z/OS back-end systems such as CICS Transaction Server, IMS, and batch applications. It provides RESTful APIs and accepts and returns JSON payloads. The feature enables communication with back-end systems by providing a data transformation service that converts JSON payloads to/from byte arrays consumable by z/OS native-language applications written in Cobol, PL/I, and C.

Command Line Install

To install the feature from the command line, type:
bin/installUtility install zosConnect-1.0
If you are installing into or earlier and the feature supports that version, use the featureManager command, for example:
bin/featureManager install zosConnect-1.0 --when-file-exists=ignore

Config Instructions

To use the feature at runtime add the following to your server.xml file

Additional Information