z/OS Security


This configuration enables security for EJB applications. This configuration enables the SAF user registry and SAF authorization in the Liberty server. This sample assumes that the necessary RACF commands have already been run in order to configure the SAF profiles of STARTED, SERVER and EJBROLE. This sample assumes the angel process is configured running on the z/OS system. This file is a sample server.xml configuration file. By default, the path and file name for the configuration root document file is usr/servers/server_name/server.xml. Merge the contents of this sample with your server.xml.

<server description="z/OS security sample configuration">
    <!-- Enable appSecurity-2.0 feature for application security -->
    <!-- Enable zosSecurity-1.0 feature for z/OS security -->
    <!-- Enable servlet-3.0 feature for web applications -->

    <safRegistry id="saf"/>
    <safAuthorization id="safAuthz"/>