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Brewery Master

Brewery Master

Live app • Created by Carmine DiMascio & Swami Chandrasekaran

Brewery Master is a responsive Node.js & AngularJS based application built & deployed on IBM Bluemix. The foundation of the app leverages IBM Watson cognitive services including Watson Personality Insights & Watson Question & Answer (Q&A), and also uses 3rd party API's including BreweryDB, Twitter and Google Maps. Brewery Master uses Watson Personality Insights to analyze tweets (originating from and/or about a brewery) and presents a psychographic vibe about that brewery below its list of beers. Watson Q&A helps answer questions about beer and beer related topics. This app answers these questions from a custom corpus that was built from content about beer from Wikipedia, different breweries, and various other sources. Using a custom corpus is not currently supported by the Beta version of the Watson Q&A service, but we decided to share this app as a great preview of some of the functionality that will be supported in the future.

The following flow chart shows how Brewery Master is able to provide the information to its users:brew_master_blog_figure2

For a detailed look into application into how this app works, the team behind Brewery Master put together the following YouTube video:

For more information on Brewery Master check out Beer, Questions, Cognition & IBM Watson blog post. Also have fun and check out Brewery Master.

Leave us your comments below and let us know your thoughts about the Brewery Master app. Also, don't forget to share the apps you're creating using Watson services with us: Submit here. Stay tuned to next week!

8 comments on"Watson in the Wild: March 5th 2015"

  1. Nice !

    I was trying to fill out the form:

    But after submitting, I am getting the exaxt same page, with all fields filled, no confirmation.

    I hope there no doubles right now …

    • Josh Tahmasebi March 05, 2015

      Hi MJonker,

      I just updated the code and tested to make sure that submissions are going through. The code had been updated and we are ready for your submissions.

      Thanks for letting us know!

      -Josh Tahmasebi

  2. the link to the app is broken in this blog post. It appears that it should be: http://brewerymaster.mybluemix.net/

    • Josh Tahmasebi March 05, 2015

      Hi Ryan,

      We are working with the team who developed the app to make sure we get the app back up. In the meantime check out the YouTube video for more information


  3. Hi,the app url http://brewery.mybluemix.net/ seems broken.

    • Josh Tahmasebi March 05, 2015

      Ryan beat you to it. We are working on getting the app back up as quickly as possible.

  4. Josh Tahmasebi March 05, 2015

    The Brewery Master App is back up!

  5. Folks,
    Before IBM Watson can answer user questions, it must have a knowledge base / corpus that contains information from which to formulate correct answers. In the case of the Brewery Master app, we have ingested it with a small set of docs about beers, brewing etc and not necessarily all the documents.

    But feel free to ask Watson your questions in natural language. The system will learn and get trained from your interactions 🙂

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