When it was announced that AlchemyAPI had become part of the IBM Watson group, I had no idea what the response would be. I was amazed when my inbox was filled with messages like, “Wow, amazing, congrats!” and “The team at AlchemyAPI deserves all the best. Can’t wait to see what’s next!”

It’s uplifting to receive this feedback, but what’s more important is that Alchemists continue to feel supported and empowered to build smart apps that understand the world’s data. As part of IBM Watson, we’re excited to expand the Alchemist community and continue making artificial intelligence widely available, affordable and easy-to-use for developers around the world.

To help you get to know us, here are 5 interesting facts about AlchemyAPI:

  • All AlchemyAPI functions are accessible via a REST interface. Get started with a simple API call.
  • Sentiment Analysis is AlchemyAPI’s most popular function and works on a variety of different targets. You can calculate sentiment for the overall document or at the keyword or entity level.
  • AlchemyAPI has processed 5000 times more web pages than Wikipedia.
  • Over 40,000 developers in industries from finance to advertising to eCommerce have used Alchemy’s APIs to build smarter applications that understand customer needs and predict their behavior.  
  • You can try AlchemyAPI’s tools with our free online demos.

Here’s a 90 second video where our team shares why we exist. Enjoy!

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