Giving Developers Access to NLP Enriched News and Blog Content
by Kelly Taylor, Product Manager at AlchemyAPI, an IBM Company
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Years ago, I was tasked with building a web app that monitored the news for keywords to help marketers and public relations professionals manage their brand. To get a prototype up and running, we had our SysAdmin (back before DevOps) stand up some servers, get Solr running and went back and forth on a contract between our legal department and a news data provider. This process took several months and thousands of dollars just to get a basic keyword search prototype going. There should’ve been a better way to solve this challenge.

As part of the AlchemyAPI and Watson team, I’ve had the joy of watching this service finally come to life. It’s now super easy for developers to query a datastore of NLP enriched news and blog content via an API. Today, at the World of Watson Hackathon in New York, we announced the AlchemyData News API. It is the newest addition to the IBM Watson Developer Cloud services. With the News API, developers can issue highly targeted, cognitive queries for news and blog content that return data such as financial signals, leading indicators and trend analysis. Grab a free API key and use cURL to fetch results. Gone are the days of news firehoses, tons of storage and post-processing. You can be up and running with a prototype in minutes instead of months.

CTA News API Webinar

What can you do with the News API?

  1. Extremely Targeted Searches

Because each news article and blog post is enriched with all of the AlchemyLanguage APIs, developers can construct very specific queries such as “Give me all articles about ‘cloud’ (related to technology and computing, not the atmosphere) that mention the verb ‘acquire’ with ‘AlchemyAPI’”.
See the News API Docs for more examples in technology, health, finance and pop culture.

  1. Access Historical Data

Most news and blog content providers offer access to a few days of historical content. With the News API, you can access 60 days of historical data. We plan on increasing that timeframe in the near future to provide more insight. This is powerful because it gives you the data to build impactful trend analysis and understand how past events could predict future behavior.

  1. Time Series and Counts for Trend Analysis and Pattern Mapping

In addition to querying the News API for news and blog content, you can retrieve time series and counts. For example, you could query for “all articles about company acquisitions from the past 72 hours” and ask for results in one hour intervals. This enables you to build powerful trend analysis and pattern mapping into your product.


If I utilized this when building my app for monitoring news content, it would have changed the entire way my business unit worked. We could have gone far beyond keyword search to connect the dots between the news articles we discovered and what was happening with the business.

AlchemyData News API Available Today

If you are using AlchemyAPI today — and based on the 1.3 billion API calls we serve per month, many of you are! — then you already have access to the News API with your existing API key. If you need a free API key, click here.

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