NUI Central IBM Watson Hackathon

The teams were locked; a record amount of soda, pizza, and food was consumed and hundreds of new IBM Watson applications explored.

The first-ever IBM Watson Hackathon, in partnership with NUI Central marked new territory for the developer community. Set in Brooklyn’s Duggal Greenhouse, teams water taxied, Ubered and trekked their way to the two tents that would house them for two days of coding. Guided by IBM experts and mentors, devs from all over used Watson to develop apps.

Meet the judges:

Michael Karasick, Vice President, IBM Watson Innovations
Thomas Lehrman, Partner, Haystack Partners
RobFellow 006
Rob High, CTO, IBM Watson
Ken Lonyai, Cofounder, NUI Central

After 36 hours of intense hacking, 32 teams submitted apps and presented 5-minute pitches to a room full of coders, entrepreneurs, IBM’ers and more. And these weren’t your average, run-of the-mill applications either. From event networking and facial recognition to customer pathing and smoking cessation, teams proved that they had the creativity and innovation to tackle the challenge.

In fact, take a tour of all #1stWatsonHack submissions:

It was a tough competition, but our judges deliberated and landed on three winning IBM Watson apps.

1st place Likemind

Naushad, Sam and Asher developed an app that uses location and published tweets to connect nearby users

based on personality match and interest match scores. The app uses IBM Personality Insights API and Alchemy API to make the initial matches.


2nd place NYC School Finder

Kevin, Angus, Jeronimo, and Kenny built a tool that uses the IBM Watson Personality insights to analyze students’ personalities and then finds schools with similar “personality” traits. The team used Watson Tradeoff Analytics to allow parents to compare schools.


3rd place Fetch

Phillip, Valarie and Somya created Fetch, a speech to text tool that can extract content from a PDF, using Alchemy API and produce an analysis of keywords, main concepts etc. Queries of different content sources are run and those results load into the app.


Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all the hackers that came out!



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  1. Hi. Thanks for the post. Just noticed that my name is misspelled as Nashaud. Actual spelling is Naushad. It would be great if it could be corrected. Thanks again.


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