Alchemy API Who's Who A while back, I wrote about how applications can be built using APIs and libraries as building blocks. Until recently, the services provided by AlchemyAPI required a number of supporting pieces to create a complete application. With the launch of the AlchemyData News API, many of those components are now handled for you. Content procurement, natural language processing, and data storage are taken care of on our side, so you can focus your efforts on building killer applications! In order to help you get started, I have put together a sample application that you can use as a template. By combining front-end tools with a very basic back-end script, you can build a quality web app with minimal code. The pieces of this application include: • AlchemyData News to find notable people from the recent news • DBpedia for pictures • CollagePlus to scale and display the pictures • Bootstrap to handle the navigation bar • Flask as the web framework • IBM Bluemix as the hosting platform Please check out the application online and when you are ready to get started on your own, check out the code! Start by hosting locally on your computer, and when you have finished your application I have included all the necessary pieces to deploy on Bluemix. As always, we like to hear what you have built! Let us know about your finished application, and it may be featured in future blog posts or in the Watson App Gallery. For any feedback or help you can contact me via Twitter or email. This post originally appeared on The Alchemist Blog community site.

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