Introducing Our Cognitive Insights Chalk Talk Series

Alchemy1It’s no secret that AI technology is on the rise, and it’s helping us solve problems that have previously been beyond the realm of possibility. Recent movies such as Chappie and Ex Machina have painted an interesting picture of artificial intelligence technology, portraying it as robots with the ability to think and feel, but the reality is much different. The true face of AI is in your Netflix recommendation system and Siri. It is the technology aiding doctors in patient diagnosis and treatment, not the army of angry robots in iRobot. But if it isn’t war-fighting robots, then how does it work? What is behind this technology?

Not long ago, we began our Alchemist Hour webinar series, which gives attendees a technical overview of various tools you can use to jumpstart your application development. This series is a great resource for developers who are looking to get started with our technology, but we wanted to recognize those who might not be immersed in code on a daily basis. Beginning today, our Cognitive Insights Chalk Talk Series will provide viewers with a high-level overview of a variety of cognitive technologies.

This short 6 video mini-series will cover a broad range of topics, including:

    • Deep Learning
    • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    • Computer Vision
    • Question Answering
    • AlchemyData News
    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Today, get a brief 2-minute overview of deep learning from our Chief Scientist, Aaron Chavez. He will debunk some common misconceptions about the technology and walk you through how deep learning is able to arrive at conclusions similar to the way a human would. You will also learn about the value of this technology in today’s highly connected world.

Check out the video:

“Deep learning is a tool in the machine learning toolbox that is allowing us to solve a wide variety of problems that were really outside of our grasp before today.” – Aaron Chavez, Chief Scientist at AlchemyAPI, an IBM Company.

If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to contact us. You can also check out the recordings from our Deep Learning Webinar Series to receive more information and specific use cases about this technology. Tune in next Monday to get an overview of natural language processing from our Developer Evangelist, Zach Walchuk.


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