The global fitness trend continues to saturate markets with a variety of wearable fitness devices. The Fitbits and Jawbones of the industry allow those on-the-run to collect vital health data and build the best fitness program to match their needs and goals.

When a personal trainer sought out the U.K. based-company BrightMinded for assistance, the team knew that their technology could make the difference not only for the trainer, but his clients as well. “James Wood (Positive Difference Personal Training) needed a tool to manage his day-to-day business operations. Updating routines, scheduling sessions and researching health issues represent just some of the daily tasks personal trainers must handle. James needed help organizing his daily client tasks and keeping information up-to-date and accurate to service his clients in the best possible way,” shares BrightMinded Director, John Mooren.

The IBM Watson-powered mobile app acts as a virtual assistant for personal trainers. Set a personal plan, declare goals and enter essential health information for every individual client. You can also ask Watson for training advice: “What are the current stretching guidelines to develop flexibility? Is resistance training beneficial for weight loss?” The app consults the Watson corpus for the best response based on shared, personal information and its knowledge base. Users will also be able to integrate their other fitness monitoring devices like Fitbit or MyFitnessPal. The concept for the new mobile app was triggered at The Watson Mobile Developer Challenge last spring.

“There are two key issues that Watson is solving for personal trainers: access to the most up to date knowledge and the ability to query that information in normal, natural English language, the actual cognitive ability. Through Watson we are able to bridge those gaps,” says Mooren

TRAIN ME is currently in beta and will be available on Google Play and the App Store in the last week of August 2015.

So how does this Watson-powered technology affect a trainer’s daily routine? James gives us a peek at his on a typical day using TRAIN ME:

“Although, my job is extremely gratifying, there’s a superabundance of health and fitness information I have to track for my clients on a daily basis. There are clients I need to email, sessions I need to record to ensure invoicing is correct, session changes and cancellations that need to be reflected in my diary, invoices that need to be sent and sessions that need planning for the next day.

My days are long and it’s extremely important to be time efficient, especially when you are being paid by the hour. Time literally is money.

TRAIN ME will make it possible for trainers like me to ask questions in everyday language and get answers in less than three seconds that take into consideration medical research as well as a client’s metabolism, physical structure, fat distribution, and hormonal profile. The results are targeted recommendations and expert advice for personal trainers and their clients to better reach their fitness goals.

It’s Monday, my alarm goes off at 5am. I check TRAIN ME for updates. Lucky I did, I have an urgent message from my first client. I respond, then get myself ready for the busy day ahead. 

I’ll be seeing a gentleman on beta blockers for the first time later today, so I ask the app about the current American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)’s guidelines for training whilst on beta blockers. Via TRAIN ME Watson returns the best recommendation in a matter of seconds. 

I head to the gym, no heavy paperwork in tow. My first client arrives. I pull her data up on TRAIN ME. We had a leg session planned, but she informs me she has a long walk planned with friends later that day.  As a result, we train her upper body instead. TRAIN ME records a new session specifically targeted for her with a few clicks and swipes.

Recording reps, sets, time and taking notes on form is as easy as tapping into the app. We complete the session and whilst stretching I book her next session.

As I work with each client throughout the day, TRAIN ME easily captures session data, provides instant answers to any tricky questions and lets me synch results directly to my client’s version of the app. I can message them with updates to their exercise plan and keep them up-to-date with their latest stats.

My internet searches are almost a thing of the past, since I can access Watson’s vast amount of data. The gaps in my knowledge are shrinking and my clients are benefiting as I’m providing them with training sessions that are more effective.

To me, the real beauty of the app is that life is no longer a paperwork nightmare. TRAIN ME makes it possible to offer a better service to my clients all from one place. I now have more time to concentrate on my clients, their fitness goals and providing them with safer and more rewarding sessions.”

6 comments on"IBM Watson powers new fitness app TRAIN ME"

  1. Mauricio Galindo August 20, 2015

    Is it will support any other languages other than english ? for example portuguese ?

    • Lisa Kay Davis August 21, 2015

      Thanks for stopping by Mauricio. We do not at the present time, but if the demand grows, we will consider it.

  2. Andrew Dart January 10, 2016

    Have you considered adapting your solution for use in Insurance Lifestyle programs like Vitality? The App itself could become the personal trainer?

    • Hi Andrew, apologies for the delay in replying. We are discussing how the app could be useful to users for lifestyle programs like Vitality and other insurance benefits. But at the moment we are not intending to replace or disintermediate personal trainers. We want to continue to tap into the expertise and motivational skills of personal trainers to generate the most benefits for their clients.

  3. I’d like to try this app. Anything for fitness, I always am interested. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi M, thanks for your comment. For more information please go to We would love to hear what you think of the app once you have had a chance to use it for a bit. A new release will be submitted to Apple and Google in the next few days.

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