Recently, the team behind IBM Chef Watson made their debut on Reddit’s ‘Ask Me Anything.’ A collaboration between Bon Appétit and the Institute of Culinary Education, IBM Chef Watson helps home cooks discover unexpected flavor combinations and think of food discovery in new and innovative ways. We took 10,000+ recipes from the Bon Appetit database and ‘fed’ Chef Watson the data including training Watson to understand how ingredients are used in different dishes and cooking styles.

When we launched our Facebook community and engaged with our beta users, the team realized that there was a lot of conversation happening around Chef Watson and our users had questions about cognitive. So we decided that hosting a Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’
would be a great way to answer all of those questions about how Chef Watson works, share some of our favorite dishes and explore what’s next for cognitive cooking. For more than two hours, the team took questions from more than 170 commenters. Whether it was a developer, chef or just someone who loves food we received valuable feedback about the Chef Watson app and had a great time reading and responding to all of your questions.

AMA pageview

Miss the Chef Watson AMA? It’s not too late. Take a look at what our Chef Watson fans had to say (and ask).

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  1. Do you partner with entrepreneurs on new ventures?

    • Lisa Kay Davis September 22, 2015

      Radames, thank you for reaching out. We are always looking for new partners. Please share your email and we can put you in touch the appropriate person.

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