There were a whole lot of energy drinks and candy on hand for this year’s TechCrunch (TC) Disrupt SF Hackathon. Held in San Francisco’s Pier 70, TC Disrupt drew hundreds of hackers, coders and designers from around the world to compete for various prizes and the glory of creating a buzzworthy app within 24 hours. The competition was fierce as the day wore on, but IBM Watson with Alchemy API were on the floor to provide support (and fuel) for hackers who were looking to incorporate cognitive APIs.

Within the IBM Watson lounge, hackers and coders could grab an iced coffee, and sit in on one of the API sessions staffed by the developers who actually created many of the services available on Bluemix. From Text to Speech to Personality Insights, visitors were impressed by the number of cognitive options available to them. Participants could even sign up for one-on-one peer sessions for tutoring and help throughout the early morning hours.

There was stiff competition, which made it tough for our judges to decide who the IBM Watson sponsor winners would be. After the pitching was complete, though, Martin Capeletto and Hernan Berroja Albiz were clear standouts with their ‘Analyze My Reviews’ app. The team was tired of the endless stream of reviews and comments found in restaurant and hotel review apps and websites. They wanted to make it easier on users: “We wanted a simpler way to checkout restaurant and hotel recommendations. So you don’t have to read all the comments just to plan your date night,” shared Albiz.

The two landed on the Watson services because they were impressed by the number of languages supported by the platform and the quality of the output. The app streamlines comments and displays only the most relevant and useful feedback based on the user’s search. The team won $120,000 in cloud services from IBM Bluemix and GoPro cameras.

Take a look at their pitch:

What did other teams create? Nearly a quarter of the 167 teams used Watson or Alchemy APIs to build their applications, and we were excited by the innovation and creativity we saw on stage.

Here are a few of the other applications that stood out:

Kno News feed App

Create a curated news feed that speaks to your personal interests and selections.

Good Email Club

Tired of grumpy emails? Keep the positive messages at the top of your Inbox.

Hack My Mood

Track your mood by examining the sentiment of your published tweets.

Interested in building your own award-winning app? Get started on the Watson Developer Cloud.

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