IBM Watson Developer Cloud Node.js SDK has graduated from beta and is now released as version 1.0! The SDK allows you to get started quickly with the IBM Watson™ Developer Cloud services, providing a Node.js package with wrappers that simplify application development. The package includes simple command-line example applications to let you experiment with any of the available Watson services.
To install or update the npm module, run the following command in your app’s directory (requires Node.js): [code language=”bash”] npm install –save watson-developer-cloud@latest [/code] The 1.0 release contains a several significant improvements including a new streaming Speech-to-Text API, a greatly simplified Document Conversion API, and a better naming scheme for pre-release API versions. We’ve also beefed up our automated testing and now guarantee support for the latest v0.12, LTS (v4.2), and stable (v5.1) releases of Node.js (in practice, everything >= v0.12.7 works reliably, and most of the library is compatible with v0.10 also.) There were a few breaking changes so be sure to check the list before updating your app. Please try it out and let us know what you think. If you have any trouble using the library, we have great documentation, and there’s an active community of support both here on developerWorks and at StackOverflow. If you find any bugs or just want to check out our source code, head on over to github; we also have a range of sample applications that can serve as a starting point for your next big thing.

3 comments on"IBM Watson Node.js SDK reaches Version 1.0"

  1. Name *Greg Kostello December 16, 2015

    Great news! I really appreciate the continuous updates from the Watson team. Node.js is key to so many projects, so getting that to a stable 1.0 build is really good news.

    – Greg

  2. Is Watson open-source or closed source?

  3. Hi Sanyaade,

    We’ve been hard at work breaking Watson down into components that can be used individually and/or composed together. Many of the core components are closed source. However, some parts, such as the Node.js SDK, are open source. (The Node.js SDK is released under an Apache 2.0 license.)

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