We had the pleasure of meeting CyberCode Twins, America and Penelope, at this year’s SF Techcrunch Disrupt. While checking out the Watson booth, they shared a bit about their backstory and their hope to transform the world of tech.

CyberCode Twins
CyberCode Twins, Penelope and America

Whether it’s creating a jacket that uses proximity sensors to protect motorcyclists from drivers or creating a smart body camera for gas station attendants at risk for robbery, these young women are challenging norms within the tech industry. This year, the twins were selected to attend Galvenize, an innovative school that supports coders, entrepreneurs and anyone else looking to make his/her mark within the industry. In this feature, they will share more about their passion for coding and their experience tackling new developer challenges.

The 5 Reasons We Love To Code 

  1. Pair programming makes it fun
  2. Coding is art
  3. Code an idea to life
  4. Make and break code
  5. Code as a second language
  1. Pair programming makes it fun

Two heads are better than one! Luckily, my twin and I can build on top of each other’s code while we are pair programming. Each of us has a role: One is the driver and the other is the navigator. The driver types out the code and maintains proper syntax. The navigator develops next steps and ensures that the driver has the right direction. These actions prevent distractions and keeps focus on the project. 

  1. Coding is art

With more and more practice, the more the creativity builds. Sometimes you have to wait to for one layer of code before you can implement the next layer. This prevents crazy messes.  The Internet of Things, hardware, software, robots etc. can become your new coding canvasses.

  1. Code an idea to life

We like to think of code as being a Frankenstein’s creator. Oh wow, it’s alive! It’s alive. You can’t even imagine all of the coding we’ve done, but when it works it’s a crazy good feeling. You can enjoy all of that hard work and effort!

  1. Make and break code

The sheer joy of making and breaking code is so the code can be stronger. It becomes an exciting puzzle and you get to figure out which parts need to go where. It was that bad code and now you turned it into good code (after you broke its crazy will).  

  1. Code as a second language

We love how learning to code different programming languages can open new doors of opportunity. Coding is the language of the 21st century. Our reliance on technology will only increase from here on. Even companies are scouting for people who can code and communicate well in one or many different programming languages.

Credit: CyberCode Twins
[click to enlarge] Credit: CyberCode Twins

Follow their journey on the official CyberCode Twins Facebook page. 





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