We continue to enhance our IBM Watson Developer Cloud speech services to give developers additional language support, keyword search capabilities, and control over pronunciations. Today’s additions include:
  • Our STT service can now return a much richer set of confidence-based annotated results, which makes it easier for downstream processing to select the best interpretation of what was said. For example, in the utterance “I move it very often”, the phrase “move it” may be misrecognized as “move”. Our new system now returns word-annotated confidence scores for multiple hypotheses as shown in the picture, so the phrase “move it” can be located among the alternative hypotheses and also assigned an overall confidence of .2145 (the product of the individual word confidences).confusion
  • We have also added the capability to leverage these expanded results to find user-specified key words and phrases in the audio stream.¬† A user can now specify one or more words to search for in the audio stream and the service will return the location(s) in the audio stream of where the keyword(s) are found as well as their confidence.
  • Developers now have the ability to alter the way specific words are spoken by the TTS service. For example, the pronunciation of¬† the word “tomato” can be altered to sound like “tomahto”.¬†
Check the demos and documentation for each individual service for more details!
STT Documentation | Demo     
TTS Documentation | Demo

4 comments on"Speech services add new languages, keyword search and customization"

  1. Hosein Kazazi May 26, 2016

    Hi, I’m very glad to say if i can use your kits and APIs to add another language for Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan ( Persian language ) in STT program.
    how can i help you ? and how we can contribute with IBM Watson to use our language.

    • Thanks for interest! The current system does not allow for new language creation by third parties.

      • Name Hosein Kazazi June 11, 2016

        but for example, Google accept Persian language ( Farsi ) to their apps like Docs and STT . but they can not be like Watson and in my opinion there is lots of article in Persian in our Web. I know its hard for both of us to create and learn new language but I strongly want to be a contributor in this enormous project.

        • Cannot say at this point what we plan to support in the future but please continue to monitor our blogs for updates. Thanks again for your interest.

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