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The latest fix pack for Watson Explorer v11 streamlines development of unified information applications, supports content mining with Cloudera distribution of Apache Hadoop and includes a brand new Connectivity SDK. See our previous announcement to learn more about Watson Explorer v11 launched in July 2015, and read on to find out how you can harness the newest capabilities released in the Dec 2015 fix pack.

Application Builder, the cornerstone for building unified information applications with Watson Explorer v11, now offers developers a robust toolbox of flexible widgets that simplify creation of highly customized and streamlined user experiences. Additionally, administrators can improve the quality of search results by modifying queries before they are passed to the engine back-end. End users can save time by reusing and sharing complex queries and content easily in the re-imagined collaborative workspaces (formerly called spaces).

The software update also extends support to Cloudera Distribution of Apache Hadoop (CDH) for content mining using Watson Explorer’s Analytical Components. A new toolkit is also available to generate Raw Data Store (RDS) files from various inputs, and import them into a Hadoop-enabled collection.

Watson Explorer has a robust set of connectivity options to a large variety of data sources, but we don’t have them all. To ensure that you are able to explore, interpret and analyze the data you need, we are releasing a new Connectivity Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK includes three complete sample connectors, with code samples, exercises and documentation. Additionally, we also added connectors to crawl data sources that support the CMIS and LDAP standards to give you more connectivity options.

Delve deeper into the new capabilities with our release notes for Foundational and Analytical Components. And join us at our upcoming technical webinar series focusing on the evolution of Enterprise Search!

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