If you want to build an app with Watson, I’ve got some good news: you don’t have to start from scratch. We’ve got a lot of sample code on our GitHub that can be deployed to Bluemix with the push of a button, including API¬†demos and labs.¬†The latest and greatest we have to offer are our¬†Application Starter Kits (ASKs). The ASKs contain¬†full applications that are aimed at solving a few specific business problems, as well as instructions for extending the applications to other use cases and code templates to get you up and running quickly. ¬†

The available ASKs are:

Business Intelligence

Analyze news and social media to understand how people are talking about your company; understand important topics and how people feel about them. This application uses AlchemyData News, AlchemyLanguage, and IBM Watson Tone Analyzer services.
Biz Intelligence


Conversational Agent

Give your users and engaging experience with your application by guiding them through a series of tasks in natural language. This example is based on move recommendations and uses the IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier and Dialog services.
CA 1   CA 2


Audio Analysis

Extract concepts from a stream of audio and make recommendations based on those concepts. The application uses IBM Watson Speech to Text and Concept Insights.
Audio Analysis

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