Watson has taken a small but significant step in making computer conversations more human-like by releasing its first Text-to-Speech Voice with expressive capabilities. Today’s text-to-speech systems are highly intelligible but lack the ability to interact with emotions. The same tone of voice is used to express happy and sad news; there is never any sign of confusion, and confidence is exuded when apology is more suitable.

Our new expressive voice takes the first steps to remedy this lack of Emotional IQ in a conversational interface. Using a simple markup language, phrases such as “We are offering you a large discount” can be uttered in a cheery tone, “I just made a mistake” can be spoken apologetically, and “I did not understand that” can be said with a touch of confusion.

Other examples of Watson Developer Cloud services with Emotional IQ include Tone Analyzer and Personality Insights. Look for continuing enhancements in this space as we continue to try to bring increasing natural interaction capabilities to developers!

5 comments on"Watson can speak with emotion"

  1. I am making a game which helps teach while having fun, I am curious who might I ask for assistance to incorporate watson’s API insights into emotions to turn around and teach what has been discovered from a fundamental starting point of a lesson all the way up to the creme of emotional dissection, interpretation and usefully the differing effects or outcomes each emotional spectrum effectively renders to particular individuals as well as generalized individual groups of people.

    Rosetta Stone of Emotions between individuals and groups. This is a lesson I teach in my video game. I know watson is capable of enhancing or radically improving teach emotions to the masses. Using different category theory algorithms, and self organizing like k-means, neural networks, appropriate training etc, etc.

  2. Nigel Gasper April 11, 2016


    I have a need to create a conversational interface for the elderly. Rather than startung at the beginning is there a source of dialog, with existing vocabulary and comprehension that can be utilised?


  3. MobiCycle June 03, 2016

    It would be great to see a sample flow in node red connecting the api’s for:

    Text to Speech
    Tone Analyser, and
    Personality Insights

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