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Product strategy for the IBM Learning Lab, which helps developers amp up their coding skills.

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Getting Started with Watson

Are you interested in using Watson? This is your guide to learn about the technology, get valuable resources, and ultimately get started building with Watson

Cerebri is using Watson to create a social services app

After winning a Watson University Competition in 2014, Cerebri, has now fully commercialized their social services application. Learn about their application and how they are...

The 4 winning Watson apps at the TNW Hack Battle

At The Next Web (TNW) USA Hack Battle 2015, we provided Watson cognitive services to 100+ developers. Read about the 4 winners who used various...

Q&A with iDAvatars CEO, Norrie Daroga

Living with a chronic health condition can be costly and difficult to manage. Watson Ecosystem Partner iDAvatars has developed a cognitive Avatar called Sophie. Sophie...

Earshot builds with Watson APIs to enhance its marketing platform

Social Media IS Big Data. Due to the overwhelming amount of social data generated each day, companies simply cannot rely on manual processes to seek...

Watson hosts app pitch competition in Amsterdam

In the startup accelerator of B.Amsterdam, the Watson team hosted a pitch competition between 10 Netherlands companies. This Q&A session with StartMonday, the winner of...

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