The IBM Watson Ecosystem empowers you to develop “Powered by IBM Watson” cognitive capabilities in your applications. The IBM Watson Ecosystem will help drive innovation and build creative cognitive solutions. It partners you with experience, offerings, domain knowledge and presence with IBM’s technology, tools, brand, and marketing, all offered through the Watson Developer Cloud, Watson Content Marketplace and the Watson Talent Hub. Discover if becoming an ISV partner through the Watson Platform is right for your organization. Learn how you can be a partner by submitting your partner request, or spend time learning about the Watson Developer Cloud and how the Watson Platform can benefit your application.

16 comments on"IBM Watson Ecosystem"

  1. Is there a timeline or projection on milestones for developers and business participants to engage in?

    • Will Sennett April 14, 2014

      We’re extending the number over time. I don’t have specifics like X developers at Y date. If you provide a bit of context maybe I can help? Also, if you throw it on the forum I can field it to the appropriate expert

  2. Ronald Jones April 08, 2014

    Will someone confirm that the AT&T Watson Speech API is completely separate functionality, unrelated, and does not make use of IBM Watson technology in any way? Please confirm or deny. Thank you.

  3. Ronald Jones April 08, 2014

    Beyond the RESTful service using text-based queries, will the IBM Watson Cloud API expose speech recognition and voice response technologies?

    • Will Sennett April 13, 2014

      It’s not baked in at the moment, however if that’s a requirement for your idea I’d imagine you can do upstream voice to text and downstream text to speech using third party engines.

    • Adele Robots May 06, 2014

      We are trying to connect FIONA platform ( to Watson, and FIONA already provides voice technologies…

  4. Ronald Jones April 08, 2014

    Does IBM Watson Cloud API permit the selection of specialized knowledge domain lexicons and grammars for healthcare as part of included cognitive capability? E.g., are medical lexicons developed in conjunction with healthcare partners and researchers adding value to the baseline IBM Watson engine that all Cloud API users can benefit from, or do these lexicon/phoneme/PLS/SRGS features become retained and proprietary intellectual property of the participating partners?

    • Will Sennett April 14, 2014

      Good question and I’m not quite sure of the answer. Let me get back to you on this one.

  5. Anisha Gupta April 29, 2014

    Hi, I have all my data into a website. Is there a way that I can feed the corpus directly through the website by providing URL or something? I know I can save all the content of my data into an HTML file and then upload the HTML file but is it possible to do it without saving to HTML?

  6. I am interested in supporting Watson development for energy/electricity applications

  7. MohanSavant June 12, 2014

    I am interested to try IBM Watson. Just wanted know , when the API’s will be publicly available for developers.

  8. Daniel Comp August 24, 2014

    I’d like to continue the dialog, learning and exploring applications with others (especially as an entrepreneur and CDO) – where do you suggest this be done. Are the Linkedin Groups the best/most current pools?

  9. I’m looking for a freelance developer with some experience working with Watson to see if and how it can be integrated into my application. Where would be the best place to find independent developers with Watson experience?

  10. Watson’s machine translation capabilities are restricted only to English and European languages are there any plans to extend the capabilities to Asian languages like Mandarin, Japanese, etc. to capture the semantic relationship expressed expressed in a sentence.

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