7 comments on"Creating Cognitive Apps Powered By IBM Watson – Getting Started with the API"

  1. Hello :
    Loving IBM with a CE passion, I just want to add that HP is doing something very Special and Blackberry can in it too… As we enter into the Future of Tech and Innovation IBM will always Lead the way… Hoping to play with anything IBM put on the Market… Thank You !

  2. Would like to team with Watson on innovative “inspiration” platform for employees/employers. The App is the brand motif , SaaS licensed, and cross licensed to major corporations. Like Many Eyes, SPSS, Predictive Modeller, Bluemix, Softlayer.

  3. My first experience with this has been great!
    Looking forward to getting more involved with IBM here.

  4. HK79_Vijay_Venkataramani February 07, 2015

    How can I get started with using the WATSON API to build an application?
    How do I get access to Watson Developer Cloud to discover the best API for what I am looking for?

  5. John S Pettus July 13, 2015

    I would like to know how to connect with “Watson”


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