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Adding Services

Recently, I met a care manager working with clients who require community services to achieve their health goals. He asked, “I like to work in the Plan view, I find that I can manage my clients’ goals and actions there without having to navigate and click to other pages. But, can I also add services...

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IBM® Watson Care Manager® is designed to give you a delightful user experience. But occasionally you might you get stuck on what to do next on a page.  If you don’t understand what a field on  means, or what you should do next in a workflow, where can you turn for assistance? Don’t panic, your...

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The Big Binder

You might be familiar with the big binder bursting with brochures and fliers from community service providers, it might be blue, red or yellow, but most offices have one. The binder is an invaluable resource for the care team, and is the go-to for any team member looking for information about community services for their...

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