So another World Cup summer has come to a close, and whether this makes you sad as a die-hard soccer fan or delighted to have your football-obsessed friends returned to you, there is one type of goal I know we all remain passionate about – our clients’ health goals.
This week’s question came from a care manager asking how to create an ad hoc goal for a client. To answer this let’s consider a care manager creating a care plan for a player injured while taking a spectacular dive. The player needs a “Regain Match Fitness’”goal.
So first and foremost, why create an ad hoc goal? Most goals that you will require are in the library of goals configured by your IBM® Watson Care Manager® administrator, but there may be occasions when the client needs a goal that is not in the library. This is the case for our limping soccer player. Our organization doesn’t typically deal with professional sports folk, so there is no goals in the library for regaining match fitness.
To add the ad-hoc goal follow these steps:
1. Sign in to your account. Your home page opens.
2. To see find your soccer player, from the side navigation menu, select “Clients > My Clients”.
3. Click the player’s name. Their summary view opens.
4. Click “Plan > Plan”.
5. Click the “Add Goal” icon under goals. To add an ad hoc goal, select the “New Goal” menu option. The new goal window opens.
6. Enter the goal details and click “save”. The goal is added to the player’s plan.

Then you can associate and track activities with the goal on the care plan and get our player back on the field. Now there is a goal we can all cheer for!
You can read more about goals in the Knowledge Center.

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