The evenings have started to draw in and the summer vacation season is coming to an end. The suitcases and passports are ready for one last summer holiday. But what if, as you leave the office for your vacation, you forget to ensure that one of your clients has a care manager available to them while you are away.

In this scenario, you are sunning yourself at the beach, but meanwhile back at the ranch, (or the office) your client needs assistance. The rest of the care team are in a quandary about what to do for the client as nobody is authorized to view the clients PHI. Should they call you for advice on what action to take?
Here’s where one of the team can ‘break the glass’, aka use the emergency access feature of IBM® Watson Care Manager®to save the day (and your precious time off!).
This access gives your colleague a time- limited access* to your client’s information, initially for 2 hours. Your colleague can view or edit the client’s information. If extended access is needed, your colleague can add him or herself to the client’s care team before the access period expires. Each of your colleagues can ‘break the glass’ for up to 5 clients at one time.

So your clients are covered and your precious vacation is not interrupted!
You can read more about emergency access in the Knowledge Center.
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*Your security administrator must have enabled the Break the glass feature and can change the default emergency access time period and number of clients. Emergency accesses are tracked for audit purposes.

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