You might be familiar with the big binder bursting with brochures and fliers from community service providers, it might be blue, red or yellow, but most offices have one. The binder is an invaluable resource for the care team, and is the go-to for any team member looking for information about community services for their clients.
However, the binder has its drawbacks, the information in it can go out of date; and the services offered may change. A team member might spend a day calling many providers to find a service that matches their clients’ needs. 
IBM® Watson Care Manager® has a suite of optional and add-on features that can help save you time when finding and communicating with service providers. The Provider Registry can be used to maintain a library of community service providers, their service offerings and rates, and their key contacts. To empower providers, Watson Care Manager Connect Providers lets them maintain their own service listings and organization information. Watson Care Manager Community Service Referrals streamlines the enquiries process, instead of having to contact each provider separately, the care manager can send a service enquiry to many providers in one click. The Watson Care Manager Community Payments add-on even automates the payments to providers!
So with the Provider Registry and the Watson Care Manager add-ons, the team can be confident that the service provider information is up to date and reliable. And the big binder can be retired.

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