IBM® Watson Care Manager® is designed to give you a delightful user experience. But occasionally you might you get stuck on what to do next on a page.  If you don’t understand what a field on  means, or what you should do next in a workflow, where can you turn for assistance?
Don’t panic, your Watson Care Manager help resources are here to save your day and get you back on track!
If you are not sure what you should enter into a field or what you should choose from a list, try the online help. You can access the help for a page by clicking the question mark icon in the top right hand corner of the page. The help opens in a new browser tab and gives you a brief overview of the page as well as an explanation of the fields on it and the available actions.
For more detailed workflow help, try the care management topics in the Watson Care Manager Knowledge Center. The Knowledge Center contains task based help to get you through the workflows in Watson Care Manager. 
So don’t get stuck, call on our help resources and get quickly back to your vital work helping clients.
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